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Katharina Otto-Bernstein

Katharina Otto-Bernstein, Director

Katharina Otto-Bernstein–56–has been a member of our Board since 2014. Ms. Otto-Bernstein is an award winning, Emmy-nominated writer and film maker, who began her career as a journalist. Currently, she is the President of Film Manufacturers Inc., an international production company specializing in the development, production and co-production of high quality fiction and non-fiction motion pictures, as well as selected works for stage and print, a position which she has held since 1992. Ms. Otto-Bernstein is also a principal owner of ECE Group, an international shopping center manager and developer, and a member of the board of directors of CURA Vermögensverwaltung, a real estate management firm. Ms. Otto-Bernstein is the chair of the Dean’s Council of the Columbia University School of the Arts and was awarded the Columbia University Alumni Medal of Achievement in 2009. She is also a member of the board of directors of the Metropolitan Opera and of the International Council of the Guggenheim Museum and served for ten years on the board of the Wildlife Conservation Society. Ms. Otto-Bernstein received a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College in philosophy and political science and a Masters of Fine Arts in film from Columbia University. Ms. Otto-Bernstein was selected to serve on our Board based on her significant ownership interest in the Company and experience in the real estate industry.